Want to prevent your procut rom entering the gray makret?

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Counterfeiting Protection

Do counterfeit products impact sales and damage the reputation of your brand?

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Grey Market Reduction

Do MAP enforcement issues and sales through Amazon and Ebay impact relationships with retailers?

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Greater Customer Interaction

Would an ablity to interact directly with customers during the shopping expirence and after benifit your brand?

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What Is It?

The Orchid system uses small NFC tags which can be read by customers smart phones.to verify the garment and display additional product and brand information. They use the near field communication (NFC) technology that powers Apple Pay.

How It Works

Install Tag

Install the Orchid NFC tag into your garment. Tags can be swen to fabrid, are machine washable, and require no batteries, just like the chip in your credit card.

Scan Tag

The Orchid tag is wirelessly read by a customers smartphone, proving garment authenticy information, further garment detials, and brand marketing materials.




Learn about customer and usage analytics.

A uniquie ID in every tag lets brands trace gray market garments back to offending wholesalers.

Orchid tags let the brand display additional information about tht product right on a customers smartphone, giving the brand a rich digial platform to further interact with the customer.

Two Great Solutions

Orchid Info Tag

The Orchid Info tag allows for an enhansed shopping experience and allows for greay market protection through a unique ID.

Orchid Authentication Tag

Using an encrypted chip similar to those found in credit cards, uncloneable Orchid Authentication Tags allow brands and customers to verify the authenticity of a garment through their smartphone
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